Make my life….easier

I set out writing this blog to offer my advice & what I’ve learned over the past 3 years as a mum.

I feel if I wrote all the things down in a list it would just bore you & I wouldn’t remember it all in one sitting anyway, (tired mama remember)!

So, one thing at a time!

Today, eye drops! Hurray for eye drops, I seriously don’t know how I would wake up without them. I get a bit anxious when I’m running out.

I’ve found I feel most of my tiredness in my eyes, if my eyes are tired, I FEEL tired. So to give them a zing I use Optrex for Tired Eyes. This is not an advertising blog, use whichever brand eye drops you like, but if you are tired, use them. They make a difference!

Have a blessed day!

Lizzie x



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