Dedication’s what you need

Today we had our beautiful girl Katie Dedicated during our church service. We had such an amazing time!!!

We really want to thank God for this amazing little girl.

Thankfully both my sweet children were good during the Dedication, although Harry said TANK really loudly, then told everyone to ssshhh! (SH loves Thomas the Tank Engine).

We decided that rather than a big party afterwards, we wanted to share cake with the whole congregation with the usual coffee time at the end of the service. I think you’ll be impressed with the cake our friend Lydia made for us! It was huge & went round everybody (some people twice!)

Lots of our family & church family celebrated with us which was amazing. Our good friends Lynne, Karl & their adorable girl Isla came down to join us & we enjoyed a lovely lunch out together afterwards to celebrate. It’s been an amazing, emotional & very tiring day!

In regards to what made being at this service easier for us? My parents, & our sisters who were awesome at watching the kids after the service so we could cut & serve the cake.

Thank you to all who came & shared this special time with us.

Pics below.

God is good. Happy day to everyone!!


Tired but Happy

Lizzie x








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