Where is my Peace?

This morning I woke up feeling frazzled.

Every morning we get woken by Sweet Harry, shouting ‘Morning’! really loudly. this is then followed up with ‘Muuuuma’, ‘Daddddid’ also very loudly until we get up at 6.30am.

note: I am not a morning person by choice!

I turned to Jon & said, I know what I want for our anniversary, ‘a bit of peace & quiet’! He grimaced.

It’s a pre-school day & before 9am I had got up, showered, dried hair, got dressed, put on make-up, changed pull-up’s/nappies, got children dressed, fed Sweet Bea breakfast, had breakfast & packed bags & made lunch for Sweet Harry, got the kids in the car & driven to pre-school (late)!

note: I know this describes morning for a lot of you!

I got home, I ironed a pile(ish) of clothes & just felt a bit exhausted really. The mundane just got to me a bit.

Everyone hits a wall, & I hit mine in that moment.

Then I heard that small inner voice saying, sit down & write about peace. What’s that now?! I have no peace (or time to sit down) so how can I write about it!

I think it’s really easy to think of peace as in peace & quiet. But actually the peace talked about by Jesus is quite different to that.

I went on Pinterest to see if there were any quotes, & I found these little gems!

I hope they help you find your inner peace today, I know I need some!

I’m working on it.



What do you do when you need some peace? I’d love to know.

Until the next time friends.

Have a peaceful day!

Lizzie xx



4 thoughts on “Where is my Peace?

  1. Love the first quote Lizzie – should print it out and stick it on my wall!! In the meantime I think earplugs might reduce it to a dull roar…. I’ll experiment and report back! 🙂

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