Capsule Wardrobe

Since having my second baby in March, I’ve been on quite a determined journey to turn some things around for the better.

I decided that after Sweet Bea was born I was ready to get my body, image & confidence sorted.

It’s my choice how I feel.

I decided to go back to Weight Watchers & join a gym, I’m gaining confidence the more weight I lose. I WANT to look nice & feel good again. For my husband, for my kids, but mostly just for me.

I’m fed up with wearing worn out clothes that aren’t my style & aren’t the right size!

After SH was born I went through a charity shop phase, where everything I bought was second hand. I didn’t exercise & I didn’t look after myself.

I didn’t really care what I looked like. I had a child to look after! What I wore & how I looked were secondary. However this phase left me feeling frumpy, old before my time & generally rubbish.

So my day off was part of that journey.

I’ve decided that rather than spend loads of money on lots of tops & jumpers I’d think before buying much. I’d rather do some research, find out what’s out there & save to buy a few nice items for my new, smaller wardrobe.

I think in the fashion industry it’s called a ‘capsule wardrobe’!? Really nicely made, classic clothes, that aren’t in or out of fashion that I can mix & match, & add accessories to bring it up to date & on trend.

I’m hoping I’ll need less clothes overall as my wardrobe is crammed FULL of clothes from years back that I haven’t quite had the guts to clear out.

I don’t need them all & quite frankly I can’t see the wood for the trees when I open it. How can I have so many clothes & not be happy to wear any of them!? On a humanitarian level it’s not great that all these clothes are not being used.

So the charity shops will benefit again!!

At The Mall I did find a classic navy blazer which cinches in at the waist (I got it back, yeehah!) & a leopard print scarf from Hobbs. Gok Wan said in a This Morning article that every girl needs a blazer in her wardrobe! Gok, I listened!  Maybe my rule when looking at an item of clothing should be, ‘what would Gok think of this’!?


I’m very happy with my purchases & I’m happy I didn’t come home laden with bags full of clothes I won’t wear.

Clothes aren’t the be all & end all.  At the end of the day confidence comes from the inside.  Not a front to be put out to the world. If you feel nice, it goes a little way to help confidence grow & I believe it’s valuable for a mama to feel good.


It’s good for me & it’s good for the kids that I feel happy in myself. Confidence is learnt… from our upbringing, the world around us, our friendships & what we let in from media…but also our decisions. I’m determined to teach my kids self-confidence. It starts with me.

So I’ve decided….to be confident & to enjoy shedding my old wardrobe for a reduced, less cluttered & capsule-icious one!!

Tidy wardrobe, tidy mind! My twist on an old saying.

Until the next time friends.
Have a great day!

Lizzie xx


7 thoughts on “Capsule Wardrobe

    1. Hey, thanks for your comment. It’s great to finally get rid of things, I still have a long way to go weight wise, another reason I want to wait to buy much. L x

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  1. Hello lovely, I think I may have mistakenly deleted your comment! Doughnut!! Sorry huni. I feel really great about shedding my old wardrobe. Time to go from drab to fab! 🙂 x

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