Table Renovation

I’m beyond excited today to see off my old dining room table, to be returned to us as practically a new piece of furniture!

I really fancy the whole ‘turn something ugly into something beautiful’ thing that’s sweeping our sweet Great Britain.

I just had to share a pic of the ‘before’ table. I know I’m being previous & that the usual thing is to show the before & after picture together.

I guess I’m sharing because I’m excited about the whole process.

For a fraction of the cost of a brand new table I’m hoping for a really lovely centre piece for our dining room which will welcome friends & family to a home cooked meal.

Am I the only one who feels the love you put into an old piece of furniture makes a home?

We bought the table from the intranet notice board at my old work place for £40. It’s a big table & sits 8 people extended. It’s a useful table! However it’s the dreaded orange pine that is oh so off trend it not even funny!!

I’m hoping when it’s restored it will be like a brand new table! On trend & to match our little dresser.

I’ll put the after pic up as soon as the table comes back.

I wonder if Kirstie Allsop will approve?! I wonder if I’ll like it! Willing to take the risk on orange pine friends!!

Until the next time friends!
Have a great Friday.

Lizzie xx




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