Many of my American friends are celebrating Thanksgiving this week.

I really wish we had a day of thanksgiving in the UK.

Just one day to take time to reflect on our blessings & be thankful. A day to focus on all of the positives in our lives.

Also, another excuse to eat Turkey!

Today as I look back on the last year, I’m so thankful & grateful really for so many things.

My family, which can easily be taken for granted. My friends, & especially close friends who walk this life with me.

Our business & Church. An amazing preschool. My home & all my ‘things’.

We had a mini flood out in our garage at the weekend & loads of stuff was ruined, but we were safe, it’s only stuff. Thankful.

Food, clothes on our backs. Tissues for my sore nose & medicine to soothe my cough.

Healthy & happy children.

Last but by no means the least, my God who walks with me through good & bad, ups & downs & who cares about the little things.

What are you thankful for today?

Until the next time friends.
Have a great day.

Lizzie xx


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