It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

So I’ve finally allowed myself to feel Christmassy today.

It was our Church Christmas Service & although I was disappointed Harry didn’t sing at the front (he ran around at the back instead) it was a lovely family service.

My sister & brother in law have arrived heralding with them the start of our festivities!

It’s not often these days we’re all together so this next week is going to be great!

We had a big family lunch & I looked around the table at my favourite faces & felt very blessed we could all be together this Christmas.

We drove round town afterwards posting cards by hand & listening to Christmas songs.

I’ve been putting the final touches to our decorations (those the kitten hadn’t trashed, there will be no pictures of the tree) & put up our vintage posters!

Here is our Holly Jolly Home Tour!

Merry Christmas friends
Until the next time

Lizzie xoxo






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