How long will I love you?

Can we ever tell our kids too much that we love them?

For me, friends, the words just keep coming out! I just can’t help it, I’m from the love camp, any opportunity to say it, I do.

I put Sweet Bea down for a nap, ‘Sweet dreams, love you’. I drop SH at preschool & say ‘have fun, I love you’ & so on.

Some people may find it abit over the top, but I don’t think you can tell your kids too much. Before long they’ll be grown up & leaving home (at least this is what parents with adult children tell me!). So before it’s too late, I’m going to say it. Because otherwise how will they know?

I’ll leave you with this song which gets me like an arrow to my heart, E V E R Y time. The words get me because I think of my children when I hear it, & because there are children out there who aren’t loved, & children who aren’t told that they’re loved even if they are.

Can I encourage you to pull your little one’s close & say those three little, but oh so important words?! Because they’re never wasted, I promise.

Kids it’s Mama, How long will I love you, Sweet Bea & Sweet Harry? As long as stars are above you & longer if I can.


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