5 on Friday – 31st January 2014 Edition


Happy end of January all,

I’m surprised how fast this month has gone! Usually for me Jan is the dullest month, but we’ve had so many ‘firsts’ this month & lots we’ve achieved; so let’s go straight to my 5!

With thanks to April, Christina, Darci & Natasha.

O N E – Lizzie Somerset’s First Guest Post

I was super excited to have been asked by the lovely Karen at 365 Pearls of Wisdom to do a guest post.  My first one ever, take a look at my guest post here Pearl #65!

Lizzie 365 Pearls of Wisdom

We had a mama/blogger dinner date out at my local TableTable & agreed I would speak about anxiety & Post-Natal Anxiety.  It’s an issue that I feel needs to be spoken about so that people who are suffering with it know they’re not alone, & the steps I’ve taken to overcome mine.  I truly hope & pray my story impacts, encourages & goes some way to helping someone else.

T W O – Sweet Bea’s First Tooth


This has been A LONG TIME COMING!!!!!!!!!!!! Man oh man my sweet, sweet babe has been growing this tooth FOREVER so we are so happy it’s finally popped through.  We’re still up in the night & SB needs to be held A LOT to be kept happy but we are celebrating this milestone & coming back to a love of Calpol.

T H R E E – Sweet Bea Standing Up

SB Standing Up

It’s been quite a month for SB! She actually started pulling herself up last month but now she stays stood up & prefers standing to sitting! She follows her big bro in everything she possibly can. It makes such a difference having a sibling to how quickly my second has done things like this, she’s 10 months old. Celebrate good times!

F O U R – Planning our Holidays

There’s just something about the grey days & possibly something to do with all the holiday ads on tv that bring my mind to warmer climes.

I’ve been looking back over our honeymoon pics in St Lucia & wishing I could be whisked away back there but anyway, what I’d really like is to find somewhere abroad maybe a villa with a pool, but I’m also mindful of dangers with pools so it would need to be safe for pre-schoolers/crawlers/nearly walkers!

If anyone knows of anything in a warm country in Europe that is super kid friendly, I’m taking recommendations!! I’m also tentatively interested in a house swap but I’m a newbie to the concept, baby steps.

F I V E – Jesus Calling Devotional

Jesus Calling v2

I’ve spoken about my gift of this devotional HERE & even though I haven’t managed to read it everyday I have read every page, I love that it’s short enough that I can catch up if I get behind with it.  Here’s the one that has spoken to me the most this month.

Devotional 5 on Friday

I’d love to hear about what you’re up to, how was your Jan? Thinking about holibobs?

Until next time friends

Have a great day!

Lizzie XOXO


34 thoughts on “5 on Friday – 31st January 2014 Edition

  1. Awww, teething for babies is horrid! My poor niece is currently suffering with another one 😦 And yay for standing! I love the milestones – my boy’s was so long ago now!

    Our holidays are booked to Florida, can’t wait! Good luck in your villa search, I know my friend went to Majorca with a 2 year old, stayed in a villa, so they are out there xx

    1. Thanks for commenting Michelle! We are ‘growing’ a few more teeth but happy they’re starting to come through now, it seems to last forever doesn’t it! Florida wow that’s on our wish list, are you going to Disney? We want to go when the kids are older xx

  2. Your guest post is great, very honest and you are strong to be facing your anxiety and dealing with it. Well done on the WW too thats really impressive!

  3. Aw – sweet Bea lives up to her name, and is very sweet. Congrats on her first tooth and standing up. It does go so quickly. I recommend Spain for a pleasant inexpensive holiday. I’m a travelling newbie too, but I loved it when I went last year, and am going again this year 🙂

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment 😃 we went to the Holiday Village in Majorca last year & had a great time (the weather was awful though) so that’s why we’re thinking Cyprus this year. I’d love to do a house swap one year maybe to America when the kids are older. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend xx

    1. Cases thank you for commenting, I follow you on Twitter 😃 I love these photos of SB she does not look so happy in the first one as I tried to take a pic if the tooth but she wasn’t having any of it, resulting grumpy face. L xx

  4. House swaps sound a great idea.I personally would recommend Malta for both a cultural and family style holiday and the the people are very friendly. Awww first tooth xx

    1. Sweet Bea is Katie’s nickname. Harry called her Bea instead of baby when she was born & it just stuck. Teething sucks quite frankly 😃 have a lovely eve & thanks for commenting xx

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