About Lizzie Somerset


Hello friends new & old,

I am a thirty (something) wife & mama of 2 of the sweetest kids, known here as Sweet Harrry & Sweet Bea.

Me & my husband Mr S have an automotive garage in the heart of the West Country, the most beautiful part of the UK.  We live with Jesus at the centre of our lives.

My hope is that my positive outlook & warmth for people will radiate some joy out to you all!

I write about our adventures as family, anchored in love, hope, faith & fun!  We live life positively & food is an important part of that.

I hope you all enjoy my blog!  Pull up a chair, grab a drink & stay awhile.



If you’d like to, you can follow me here:

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4 thoughts on “About Lizzie Somerset

    1. Hi Lisa, thank you so much 🙂 as you can see I’m new to blogging thing & there’s not much to see yet! I will follow you too & look forward to reading your blog. regards Lizzie x

  1. hi lizzie! so glad i happened upon your blog…thanks to the linkup! i love it!!! my hubs is from the midlands…so happy to have found a UK blogger to keep up with! happy friday!


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