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Have we met?

Hi! I’m Lizzie,

Hot Couple

A sweet South-Western girl from the UK! Wife & Mama to two gorgeous sweet babes known on here as Sweet Harry & Sweet Bea.


I live in Somerset the most beautiful county (I think) of the United Kingdom.

If we haven’t met already, HI THERE! The blog is here to encourage you (& me) in this journey called life.

Before you decide to join me on the ride here are some things you might like to know!

– I love coffee, especially Starbucks & Costa. I also think you can’t beat an English cuppa & a digestive!
– I love Jesus, not negotiable.
– I love shopping & trends in home décor, gifting & fashion.
– I love my husband & kids, they are like treasure to me.
– I believe in counting my blessings daily.

Are we friends yet?

Follow on along at (soon to be Exciting times ahead!

Lizzie XOXO

Happy Monday

It’s Monday morning again!

Whether you love or loathe the start of the week it’s important for me to at least try & start off the week on a good note.

I try (when I remember!) to pray for the week ahead & that God will go ahead of us.

It’s always been so lovely to have Jon home at the weekend & we miss having him around when he goes off to work on Monday morning.

We thrive on routine & structure in our little ranch though so it’s all okay once we get into our stride!

Looking on Pinterest this morning trying to find some motivational & positive Monday morning pins, I came across these & they made me laugh out loud.

However you feel about Monday I hope these make you smile too!

Have a great Monday morning folks!!

Lizzie xx



Nb. If today isn’t so hot just think ‘tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it’ – Anne Shirley, Anne of Green Gables xx

Five on Friday

Happy Friday everyone!

I’ve been meaning to do a link up to these lovely & encouraging US blogs, but wanted to wait until this newbie blogger had the know-how to do it! I’m learning as I go!!

These ladies have been blogging for years & have a huge following. I can only dream of blogging at this level!

April, Christina, Natasha & Darci  (a. liz adventures, carolina charm, hello! happiness & the good life blog) allow others to link up with them to give our own five joys or things we’re loving, every Friday.

Natasha’s blog, Hello! Happiness, is the first blog I ever read (& loved)!

So here we go with my own ‘Five on Friday’!

1. Montacute House & Gardens – The National Trust

This large Elizabethan house & gardens is literally down the road from my house & whenever we have nothing else organised this is our ‘go to’ place every time.

The Tea Rooms are lovely & super child friendly.

The gardens are beautiful & Sweet Harry loves the giant chess board!

I just love the history of the place & my Mum works here doing tour guides and conservation cleaning!

Scenes from ‘Sense & Sensibility’ were filmed here & I’m grateful to have it on my doorstep.

2. My Sweet Bea is 7 Months Old!

This one makes my heart sink & soar at the same time. I just can’t believe the time is going so fast.

SB is now sitting in her high chair, chomping away on steamed veg sticks & bread & butter soldiers!

She also started saying ‘Dada’ yesterday, dot on her 7 ‘monthersary’.

Slow down a little bit, my beautiful Sweet Bea, you’re growing too fast for this mama!

3. I Love…Mango & Papaya Handwash

This Handwash smells & looks amazing!

The bright colour really cheers up my bathroom & is perfect for Autumn. Sweet Harry also loves using it! That’s got to be a Win/Win situation! 20131004-111956.jpg

You can read my review of this orange popping handwash here

4. Love & Wonder

My post ‘Love & Wonder’ tells about this wonderful shop of the same name in my hometown.

I bought a birthday gift for my girlfriend, Em, here! I really enjoyed the experience. I decided on the baking kit with windmill toppers you see pictured below! So cute!

It’s a breath of fresh air to have somewhere local to purchase wonderful gifts & accessories for my home.20131004-112148.jpg

You can shop online here

See my review here

5. Clarins – Beauty Flash Balm

I’m grateful to have this product in my life! It brightens my sometimes tired & stessed skin & really zings it up a notch!

I use it when I want to refresh my make up without re-applying foundation.

It helps that one of my oldest & dearest friends, Helen, is the Account Manager on the Clarins Counter. I know I will always get honest, good customer service & a winning smile!


Meet my friend Helen & read my post here

Many, many, thanks to April, Christina, Darci & Natasha for allowing me to link up today!!!

Until the next time friends.

Have a great day!
Lizzie xx

I Love Saturday Mornings

Who doesn’t LOVE Saturday mornings?

After a long week, it’s a chance to relax a little.

We don’t worry quite so much about routine, although obviously Sweet Harry & Sweet Bea still wake up the same time!!!

At the moment we’re teaching Harry to stay in his room. He wakes so early. We take him by the hand & don’t say anything, just take him back to bed. He’s getting it slowly but we’re still up by 6.30am, & that’s a lie in.

We tend to bring the kids into bed with us, get the iPad out & drink tea (milk & formula for the kids!) & eat biscuits while watching Peppa Pig episodes on Demand 5!

Just thinking about Saturday mornings lifts me a little! Although my Saturdays pre-kids were SO different!!

Now my favourite morning is the above, then coffee & home made muffins, then putting the TV on for Saturday Morning Live with James Martin.

I love having it on in the background while Harry plays, Jon dashes on & out & dip in & we get on with our day.

The best bit of the programme is the ‘Food Heaven or Hell’ where the public choose if the celebrity guest will have their favourite or most hated food cooked for them.

My food heaven is American Style Breakfast & anything pasta!

Hell would be veal. Oh no thank you!

What is your perfect Saturday Morning? I’d love to know.

Have a great weekend friends, whatever you’re doing.

Lizzie xx




Contentment, Comparison & Cucumbers

Newly refreshed after our women’s weekend away!

I am grateful that I didn’t have to cook or wash up. I am also so thankful to these women that they choose to support & befriend & walk this journey with me.

Who can do this life thing on their own?

As I sit here thinking about what to blog about this week, I am struck once again how much we compare ourselves to each other.

After reading another blog on the subject last week I found myself comparing once again, a bad old habit of mine!

It does nothing but bring about confusion, self doubt & leaves us lacking self confidence.

So I want to encourage you, whether you are a stay at home Mama like me. Or if you are retired, working, at College, or sick & out of work.

God made you unique, a one off! No mistakes. You are useful, you have worth & you are loved.

We all need support to be ourselves & the best ‘selves’ we can be. I for one need friends, family & everyone in between to encourage & lift me up in times of doubt.

I love a pin I saw on Pinterest. It said ‘Be yourself, everyone else is taken!’.

Regarding contentment this is a tricky one! I’ve learnt that for me, true contentment comes from a non expectancy of others.

My worth was wrapped up in what people or friends thoughtfully gave me. So when the gift didn’t come or the friend wasn’t thoughtful, I thought I wasn’t worth much, to them or to myself.

A very wise friend advised that if no-one gave me anything ever again, it was good be content in every situation.

Since deciding to take this on board for myself I have never been so blessed by people.

I’m allowing them to show their love for me without any pre-conceived ideas from me about how this should be shown, & without any yearning from me to have anything at all.

A lady told us a story on the weekend about cucumbers!

She was new to the church & the Mum of a little girl went up to her & wanted to give her a small little cucumber.

The Mum explained that the little girl had been growing her own cucumbers & that the little girl had chosen to give her harvest, her first fruits, her very own home grown the lady to make her feel welcome.

How amazing is it when we set our default position at unassuming, non-expectancy. We’re then open to be blessed more than we could have imagined.

The story touched my heart, I know it touched the hearts of all the ladies on the weekend away.

‘You’re blessed when you’re content with just who you are – no more, no less. That’s when you find yourself proud owners of everything that can’t be bought.’ Matt 5:5 MSG

Until the next time friends

Have a great week!!!

Lizzie x


Keep Calm It’s Autumn

It’s Autumn!

I know you all know that already!! I love Autumn its my favourite time of year.

I feel a step behind at the moment though because we started Harry a week late in pre-school.

Getting used to a new routine is always a stress in our family, until we get into a routine we struggle to work out how best to organise ourselves.

This week has been one of those weeks! Add in the holiday blues & a new kitten & hubby’s birthday it’s no wonder I’ve been working at the top of my nerves!

At times like this, it’s important to focus on the important things. I tend to stress about all the little things instead of seeing the bigger picture.

I’ve written Post It notes around my kitchen that say “will it matter?” “in an hour”, “in a day”, “in a weeks time?” It really helps me to re-focus.

Also I have to remember to eat healthy snacks so my sugars don’t drop & drink lots of water so I don’t get dehydrated.

So, this is my tip to all of you lovely friends!

As Ellen would say, Look after yourselves & each other.


I’d seen this printable on another blog & loved it! It printed small though so it turned into a ticket instead. H handed it in at Registration & said “ticket”! Hilarious, now he think he needs one to get in.

Harry had a great 1st day at preschool & just slotted straight in. Thank God for the amazing ladies who work there.

Finally I saw this on Pinterest! I feel it about covers it!!

Until the next time friends
Lizzie xx


Dedication’s what you need

Today we had our beautiful girl Katie Dedicated during our church service. We had such an amazing time!!!

We really want to thank God for this amazing little girl.

Thankfully both my sweet children were good during the Dedication, although Harry said TANK really loudly, then told everyone to ssshhh! (SH loves Thomas the Tank Engine).

We decided that rather than a big party afterwards, we wanted to share cake with the whole congregation with the usual coffee time at the end of the service. I think you’ll be impressed with the cake our friend Lydia made for us! It was huge & went round everybody (some people twice!)

Lots of our family & church family celebrated with us which was amazing. Our good friends Lynne, Karl & their adorable girl Isla came down to join us & we enjoyed a lovely lunch out together afterwards to celebrate. It’s been an amazing, emotional & very tiring day!

In regards to what made being at this service easier for us? My parents, & our sisters who were awesome at watching the kids after the service so we could cut & serve the cake.

Thank you to all who came & shared this special time with us.

Pics below.

God is good. Happy day to everyone!!


Tired but Happy

Lizzie x







It’s (nearly) autumn, I’m in love

My hubby offered me a couple of child free hours to pop to town for a spot of R&R, I didn’t stop to question…I was gone!

First stop, Starbucks! for a double shot (as standard!) skinny cappuccino, what a treat for this weary mama. Town was pretty quiet, I think everyone else is at the beach!

I decided to treat myself to some new sunglasses as SH either broke all of mine or I’ve lost them. I don’t spend a lot on sunglasses for this very reason, so designer brands are out at the moment!

I dropped into Laura Ashley and was really taken aback by the stunning customer service I received. The girls were immediately welcoming (it doesn’t take much to say hello & smile!) but didn’t badger me.

I found these sunglasses in their mid season sale & I LOVE the colour, you can’t see but they’re a deep plum colour, perfect for going into autumn/fall.

At the till to pay, the lady who served me really went the extra mile. When I refused the Laura Ashley card which would have given me 10% off, she STILL got me 10% off with the Yeovil Loyalty Card. Since they were in the sale I was super happy to get even more off!

Then she ensured I received a sunglasses case even though they were deep in the cupboard & her assistant really had to look for it. She proceeded to clean my new glasses so I could wear them. This tired mama certainly felt a little spoilt for all this attention & care.

Thank you Nicci (& your assistant) you are a credit to Laura Ashley, I’ll be shopping with you again. ps I got the name from the receipt 😉

Next on our list for this bank holiday Monday is clearing our cupboard. Sigh, we seem to use our storage for all kinds of trash, so a big clear out is needed & way overdue!

Maybe I’ll have another coffee before tackling it though!!

I’m all in favour of throwing or giving stuff away, I’m just waiting for the “I’ve been looking for that for ages” & the “that might be useful we’d better keep that” comments from hubby!

Whatever you’re doing today I hope you have a great day!

Lizzie x

Ps I’m abit orange mad at the monent hence the orange shoes & nail varnish, i cant wait for autumn/fall!!

top Warehouse, shoes River Island, nail varnish Maybelline orange attack 🙂


Lavender love

Today we went on a roadtrip. ‘We’ is me, my Mum with my two kids sweet bea & sweet Harry SB & SH from now on).

Not everything went to plan, sweet Harry decided to not be sweet & refused point blank to eat the cheese omelette he’d ‘ordered’. I knew I should have just decided for him. So bless Harry his meals today have consisted of cereal, rich tea biscuits and Doritos tangy cheese. Suffice to say, Harry has had an AWESOME day.

After this & a mini diversion we made it to our destination. A small Cotswold town called Corsham where my Mum grew up. Totally quaint, steeped in history, really cute buildings the town even had bunting up all down the main street. So you get the picture…we were hoping to reminisce about spending time there with grandparents etc, could we find a coffee anywhere that was still open? Not a chance, it’s a small town as I said so apparently everything shuts at 4.30pm. Since we didn’t even make it there until 4.15pm (then you have to deal with buggies, tired kids & getting the parking ticket) so everywhere was shutting so I must admit my positive vibe was starting to wane. Even positive people need coffee!

So we had a walk around instead and found the cutest florist ran by a French lady, I bought some lavender to go in the garden, &…here comes the joy bit…she wrapped it for me in coloured paper and twine. Some people just go the extra mile, & it totally calmed my caffeine lacking body in a warm & fuzzy purple glow. I wish I’d gotten the name of the shop but it was the lovely florists in corsham. Thank you French lady!!

Then we finally found somewhere to have a coffee around 5pm, just in time to refuel with caffeine & change nappies before facing the diversion & getting home.

I loved my day with my Mum & kids. It was hot, it didn’t go to plan but my kids were soooo good & we loved being out together. I love looking back in the car & seeing their sweet faces sound asleep because they are THAT tired.

Hope you all had an amazing day! & if u didn’t, I’m hoping for some lavender love to cheer up your day too, either that or go & get yourself a coffee. Coffee is good.

Lizzie x


The English Summer

Well we’re slap bang in the middle of the Summer Holidays here in the UK, which means all the kids are off, nothing is in routine & everywhere is hugely busy, especially the beach & soft play!

The sun is shining today so we hot-tailed it to the park, looked at the ducks & met a friend for coffee. My boy Harry loved the ducks.

Thoughtful reflection of the day as I rack my little brain of things to be joyful about is my beautiful blanket made from a sari. I LOVE my blanket, it’s soft, beautifully made & sooo colourful. It really adds to my home. Not only does it look beautiful on my sofa, but it’s been hand made by a girl in India who has turned her life around helped by the organisation Sari Bari who pluck girls out of the sex trade & teach them to sew. Check out Sari Bari to get your very own, totally unique & in line with God’s heart blanket! (Or bag, or scarf…you get the picture.

Have a great day
Lizzie x