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Fun Brunch Idea

Hey friends,

Last weekend we had some friends + kids over for brunch.  It’s a time of the day that works well for us socially.

I wanted to share something I made up which were a big hit!




Makes 5

1 x pack Strawberries

2 x packs of Ready to Eat Fruit  – I chose Mango, Pineapple & Melon packs from Morrisons

2 x kiwi’s

1 x chocolate ring doughnut

I like using the doughnuts with sprinkles on because they are so colourful

5 x skewers (find in the seasonal ailse with the bbq stuff)


Cut the fruit into chunks big enough for the skewer to go through without breaking (about 1.5″in)

Skin & slice the kiwi’s (again, not too thinly)

Cut the ring doughnut into 5 slices

Assemble all your fruit & doughnut the same order on each skewer

If you are not a perfectionist like me you could mix your fruit up a little – ooooh.

Serve on a pretty plate.


I had some fruit left over which I turned into a fruit salad (because I only made 4).

I also had some doughnuts to share which looked amazing on yet another pretty plate.


These were so easy to make, looked fantastic & tasted wonderful. The kids loved them & I loved how colourful they looked.  Food should look amazing as much as possible I feel!

Thanks for stopping by, come back for 5 on Friday tomorrow!


Lizzie XO

Chubby Legs

Hey friends,

My beautiful Sweet Bea just gets more stunning by the day. Since turning One a month ago she’s changed quite drastically.

One of the ways she’s changed is her pickle nature has been coming out more & more.

Pulling things down that should stay up, wriggling so hard you have to put her on the floor or you’d drop her, throwing her food on the floor for sport. The usual baby transition to toddlerhood really!

The other way is her chubby chubbyness! Those beautiful baby chub rolls on her legs especially. Those squishy cheeks, her big tummy, the fat on her arms, love, love, Iove it!!

Oh how I love Sweet Bea’s chubby thighs. I squeeze them until she giggles that beautiful & infectious deep throat laugh that invariably then comes out of her nose (plus some snot).

She wiggles & I have to put her down, then pick her up & do it all again. What a fun game!! I can’t resist the chubby legs, you see?!

As we were playing this innocent game the other day I said to her ‘I love your chubby legs’ she giggled & we did that over & over again.

A thought hit me, oh my goddess the very thing that I love about my daughter is probably the very thing she’ll loathe about herself when she’s older. Chubby legs? = a total nightmare for a girl, a teenager, a woman, or even very, very little girls.

When does that beautiful innocence go? Where we’re happy with our body just as it is. Where actually we don’t even think about our bodies at all. Where realising our fingers & toes are actually part of our bodies is like, wow wicked! Where pulling things down that should stay up is the most important thing & nothing else even comes into it.

I tried to wrack my little brain to remember when I realised the world is not as it could be. That we could see beautiful, stunning, amazing girls in love with themselves & who they are. Sadly I couldn’t remember, so I’m guessing it starts at a heartbreakingly young age.

I think it has to start at home with us, her parents & wider family, to validate how beautiful, amazing & loved she is. Remember Bridget Jones being so touched because Mark Darcy liked her ‘just as she is’? that’s powerful that.

Also I will teach my children healthy eating & running about like a loon is good for you, but to be a well rounded healthy child not just to look good by the world’s standards!

When the day comes that she asks me that question ‘Do I look fat in this Mum, are my thighs too big’? I’ll say ‘darling you look amazing you’re perfect as you are’, & then ruin it by saying ‘I love your chubby legs the most in the world’, possibly before dodging a hairbrush being thrown at me across the room!!

I might just have to keep that little gem in my heart instead friends! But I will be saying it in my head, because I really do love her chubby legs the most in the whole, wide world.

Sonnet 43 – How do I love thee? Let me count the ways XLIII

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
For the ends of Being and ideal Grace.
I love thee to the level of everyday’s
Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light.
I love thee freely, as men strive for Right;
I love thee purely, as they turn from Praise.
I love thee with the passion put to use
In my old griefs, and with my childhood’s faith.
I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
With my lost saints,—I love thee with the breath,
Smiles, tears, of all my life!—and, if God choose,
I shall but love thee better after death.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Until the next time friends
Have a great day!

Lizzie XOXO

I may be mad but I’ve nominated myself (because sometimes the ship comes to you)! I would love it if you would nominate me if my blog has inspired or encouraged you, you like reading about my life with the sweet kiddos, for my home style or the very fact I’m a new blog with absolutely no bells & whistles (still green/learning). I’d be made up if you nominated me, but as with everything with me, no pressure no problem! LOVE LIZZIE XOXOXOXOXO


Operation Ranch Organisation 2014


This week on the blog, meal planning & supermarket shopping.  It can be a real chore.

I’ve found it’s so much less hassle if I sit down & plan out meals & then buy the stuff I actually need to make it!

Maybe I’m thinking about it too much (probably), but if I don’t think about it then our meals end up being a bit blah & I think food like most things needs a lot of love in it. The family can tell, I know it!

I’ve also spent too many moments stressing about what I have in my cupboard that I can’t actually make a meal out of.  I mean what can you make out of a tin of chick peas, pasta, flour & chicken soup? If you have the answer please tell me!!


So my Mum gave me a tip she used to use when we were little.

Write a list of everything, absolutely everything you buy, ever! Even down to scouring pads, mascara & the things you just don’t buy that often.  I’ve put mine into the order of the supermarket I go to the most.

Then on a Sunday evening me & hubs sit down & plan what we’ll eat that week & I go shopping on the Monday.

My hubby actually really likes to be involved in this part of the process! Just as long as he doesn’t have to do the shopping or cooking!

He likes knowing & looking forward to what we’ll be eating that week & so do I.  It really takes the stress out of thinking up meals all the time.

Then I sit on the sofa & I go through the shopping list & read it out to hubs who is in & out of the cupboards & fridge like a ninja with a yes or no as to whether we already have that item or not. If not I just tick next to the item & that’s my shopping list. Easy peasy.

At the end of the day I can’t keep tabs on every product or item we use in our ranch so sometimes I won’t have realised we’ve run low on toothpaste or soap & hubs will be more on the ball!

Two heads are better than one & I’m not wasting so much money buying the same thing twice or not at all!

I’ve typed up my list & have it saved on my pc, but if you’re into FREE PRINTABLES like I am then you could give it a go, in your own family style of course! Pinterest has loads of ideas on both Meal Planning & Shopping List organisation

meal planner

I saw this gorgeous free printable meal planner/shopper organiser on a blog I read regularly.

I don’t know about you but anything that makes my life easier is good for me.

Linking this post to It’s the Little Things on a Wednesday, thanks to Ashley & Jess.


Have a great day!

See you next time.

Lizzie xoxo

Five on Friday

Happy Friday everyone!

I’ve been meaning to do a link up to these lovely & encouraging US blogs, but wanted to wait until this newbie blogger had the know-how to do it! I’m learning as I go!!

These ladies have been blogging for years & have a huge following. I can only dream of blogging at this level!

April, Christina, Natasha & Darci  (a. liz adventures, carolina charm, hello! happiness & the good life blog) allow others to link up with them to give our own five joys or things we’re loving, every Friday.

Natasha’s blog, Hello! Happiness, is the first blog I ever read (& loved)!

So here we go with my own ‘Five on Friday’!

1. Montacute House & Gardens – The National Trust

This large Elizabethan house & gardens is literally down the road from my house & whenever we have nothing else organised this is our ‘go to’ place every time.

The Tea Rooms are lovely & super child friendly.

The gardens are beautiful & Sweet Harry loves the giant chess board!

I just love the history of the place & my Mum works here doing tour guides and conservation cleaning!

Scenes from ‘Sense & Sensibility’ were filmed here & I’m grateful to have it on my doorstep.

2. My Sweet Bea is 7 Months Old!

This one makes my heart sink & soar at the same time. I just can’t believe the time is going so fast.

SB is now sitting in her high chair, chomping away on steamed veg sticks & bread & butter soldiers!

She also started saying ‘Dada’ yesterday, dot on her 7 ‘monthersary’.

Slow down a little bit, my beautiful Sweet Bea, you’re growing too fast for this mama!

3. I Love…Mango & Papaya Handwash

This Handwash smells & looks amazing!

The bright colour really cheers up my bathroom & is perfect for Autumn. Sweet Harry also loves using it! That’s got to be a Win/Win situation! 20131004-111956.jpg

You can read my review of this orange popping handwash here

4. Love & Wonder

My post ‘Love & Wonder’ tells about this wonderful shop of the same name in my hometown.

I bought a birthday gift for my girlfriend, Em, here! I really enjoyed the experience. I decided on the baking kit with windmill toppers you see pictured below! So cute!

It’s a breath of fresh air to have somewhere local to purchase wonderful gifts & accessories for my home.20131004-112148.jpg

You can shop online here

See my review here

5. Clarins – Beauty Flash Balm

I’m grateful to have this product in my life! It brightens my sometimes tired & stessed skin & really zings it up a notch!

I use it when I want to refresh my make up without re-applying foundation.

It helps that one of my oldest & dearest friends, Helen, is the Account Manager on the Clarins Counter. I know I will always get honest, good customer service & a winning smile!


Meet my friend Helen & read my post here

Many, many, thanks to April, Christina, Darci & Natasha for allowing me to link up today!!!

Until the next time friends.

Have a great day!
Lizzie xx


Happy October everyone!!!

My recommendation today if you are at home with your kids, is get outside every day. Even just for a little while.

I find that if we don’t get abit of fresh air every day we can go abit crazy!!

Sweet Harry especially enjoys getting out to our local park. He loves watching the ducks & since its Autumn, picking up lots of leaves!

I learnt from a very wise child minder that you don’t need a lot of toys to keep children happy & thoroughly enthralled.

Kids learn through play, but my friend has taught me that play doesn’t have to be with loads of plasticky toys, although they can be good too.

A walk in the fresh air looking at nature & seeing people out & about working is teaching SH far more.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to sell myself as the perfect Mama, there are days we don’t make it out & the telly is on far longer than it should!

But the days we do make it out always seem to go that bit better, & even if we only get out for half an hour I feel like I’ve achieved something!

Yesterday we popped out to a park & noticed a huge horse chestnut tree in the corner!

We got ourselves a hoard of treasure yesterday!

Follow my favourite childminder for ideas & tips on how to utilise outside play on Twitter!! @LookaftermeMe

Until the next time friends.

Have a great day!

Lizzie xx



Simple Life Revolution

So we all have our favourite celebrity or two but you have to admit some use their influence for good, the world is simply a better place because of them.

The celebrity hero’s on my list are Kirstie Allsopp, Jamie Oliver & Jo Frost. These lovely people firstly make you feel that you know them personally and wouldn’t look out of place around your own kitchen table, but what I really love about them is they’ve changed Britain, & even beyond for the better.

Take Jamie (first name terms, see) not only has he taught us how to make our meals in 30 minutes (or 15) but he’s campaigned and won the most part to change how we eat full stop. In our schools, at home, everywhere! & offers apprenticeships to young people, boom! & the world changes.

Then take Ms Allsopp, not only telling us to pick up our litter via twitter, but also changing how we furnish our homes, it’s all about the upcycle! Get on freecycle don’t throw away, someone else might be able to use it, this is simple stuff we seem to have forgotten somewhere & are slowly re-discovering.

Jo Frost informing us that our children need our time, to get down to their level, explain to them WHY they’re being told something, all simple & logical advice which without her we all would have totally missed! I also love how she can relate to anyone, any situation & any family. No excuses, our children’s behaviour is down to us.

I know there was someone else on my list but you get the gist. We all hanker after a simple life really. Full of family, friends, happiness & laughter. For our kids to be happy & well rounded. I totally buy into what they’re saying to us & I for one am very happy that celebrity no longer just means you’re famous or popular.

As a side note I can’t wait to go to Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen restaurant with my better half, Jon, on our holiday to Cornwall 2013!!! Looking forward to seeing those apprentice turned professional chefs in action.