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Five on Friday – Chichester Edition

3a538-5onfridaylogo-final-forblogsidemenu_edited-1_zps7fcf6068Hi Friends,

Last weekend I went away with my Mum to stay with my sissy & bro-in-law in Chichester.  We’ve known the city for a long time as we have other family there too.

It’s such a pretty place I thought I’d share some pics with you.

ONE – Chichester Cathedral

Any Cathedral is worth a picture, Chichester Cathedral is a really pretty one.


TWO – Patisserie Valerie

Such amazing cakes here.


This is new since the last time I visited, my sissy was keen to show us this new experience. I say experience because the patisserie counter is something else!

Mum had the Mille
Rosie chose cheesecake
I had the Tirimisu!

Soooo yummy but it was huge, I admitted defeat. Since WW I just can’t eat like I used to.


Sad Tirimisu which went uneaten, but was yummy!

THREE – Shopping with my girls


These 2 are my favourite girls in the world. I always have such a lovely time with them.

We shopped 6 hours with only 2 stops.

FOUR – Paperchase

I have a slight obsession with Paperchase & since we don’t have one in my hometown I was in my element.

I got Harry a CRAB plate & Sweet Bea tropical TOUCAN russian doll style lunch/snack boxes.


I nearly bought this painted wooden pineapple but stopped myself. Although obsessed with them it was £10 for a bright yellow pineapple!! Now I’m thinking that’s a bargain, I love pineapples. EEk I’ve found it online HERE.

FIVE – Pretty Buildings & Flint Wall
OLD DOOR CHICHESTER SIDE STREETCHICHESTER CLOCK FLINT WALLThese walls are typical of the area, hand crafted still today (it’s a technique that goes way back) I think they’re so pretty.

So that’s my FIVE! Sorry it’s a little late. Cheers to the link up ladies, April, Christina, Darci & Natasha.

Blessings for a fab weekend, the sun is shining!

Lizzie XO



Five on Friday – Mama’s Day Off



Hey friends,

I had a much needed day off yesterday!

We’ve been so worn out recently & I’m so thankful to my husband for deciding to take the day off work so I could have some much needed time & space to myself.  I have a good man right there.

I decided to spend my day in the ancient town of Sherborne in Dorset.

It’s a town I’ve visited many times over the years & love.  We chose a hotel in the town for our Wedding Reception in 2008.

This visit I wanted to take my time, cherish the day all by myself & also regain some inspiration which has been abit lacking recently! So I decided to go off the beaten track & explore a bit.  I found some new little gems & learnt some lessons I want to share with you today.


I don’t normally stop & listen to people busking on the streets.

I don’t know why I stopped this time.  Maybe it was because the sun was shining & I was free to stop; but something in the sound made me pause & listen & I’m thankful for it.


The sound was blissful.  I listened to one song, called Together Free. It got me right. in. the. soul.

I went & spoke to the guy after he’d finished & he told me was his name was Victor & I could search for Victor’s Tunes to find him. which I did as soon as I got home.  Turned out he has 5 albums, & he chose to sing for me yesterday.  You can listen to what I heard HERE.

Victor Chetcuti – A true talent in my opinion.

Etiquette with listening to buskers on the street? If you stop & enjoy listening to their song you owe them a coin or two! Just sayin’!

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I went exploring down some side streets I wouldn’t normally wander down.  Aside from that, isn’t just ‘wandering’ a great thing?  I don’t wander anywhere, usually I dash!

Anyway I’ve digressed.  I wandered down Trendle Street through an archway &  into this lovely vintage furniture place.  It had a cool, young & calm vibe.  Old fashioned & restored furniture & vintage pieces carried out with thought, design & obvious experience in every piece.  Set in an old stable I wanted to buy everything in there!




My eyes came upon a large painting of Pulteney Bridge in Bath in a repainted frame tucked in the corner.  I saw it & I bought it!  It now hangs in my kitchen & I know it will give me joy for years.

Think you know a town? Go down the side streets you’ve never gone down before, you never know what you might find.

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I saw a sign in the street saying Champagne & Macaroons, come upstairs! How could I refuse an offer like that?!

I went up the stairs & found myself being warmly welcomed by the two girls of Gathered Handmade situated on Cheap Street & being offered a glass of pink prosecco & an English macaroon.


I instantly liked the style the shop offered for babies, kids & cool lifestyle. Since I’m gathering ideas for a mood board for a playroom for my littles, I asked if I could take pictures, which they obliged.  I must say I didn’t expect to find design like this, I love these lights! I’ll be popping these on my Pinterest Play Room Ideas Board.


I also fell for these bright, dotty cusions!


Pop in for a browse & get a warm welcome or visit them on their website

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Lunch on my own in the sunshine? Oh if you insist!

I popped into Waitrose & treated myself to sushi, Pellegrino & a lemon yumyum & sat on a bench with the sun shining & just watched the world go by for half an hour.


My sushi was delicious & my yumyum pleasantly surprised me by having lemon curd in the middle.

Lunch usually consists of a soft cheese sandwich & a packet of Quavers which are hovered up asap, so you can see how this is a different league luncheon.

This was my view from the bench.




I was driving home after my lovely day & remembered that I saw a plant cutting for sale outside a house last week.  I’d not seen a plant like it in this country before it’s shocking pink! I knocked & asked what it is, it’s a Bourganvillea I’ve mostly seen in France & Spain, not cold & wet England!

We don’t have a conservatory or green house, so I may need you to join me in praying this beautiful shocking pink thing stays with me for longer than 5 minutes, because I really want this plant to live & thrive.


I’m thinking that maybe I haven’t done so well with plants before because I haven’t taken the time to learn to look after them.  So I’m going to do my research & look after it as best I can. If you have any tips for me, comment below! I sure could use the help.

Is there anything more lovely after a great day, than rounding it up buying a plant or flowers for your home? I’m not sure there is.

I went in search of inspiration yesterday & found it in the most unlikely places.  Where will your adventures take you today?

Thanks as always to April, Christina, Darci & Natasha.

With my inspiration & positive socks well & truly back on, I hope you have an amazing weekend!!

Lizzie XOXO

As always this post is not sponsored, all opinions expressed on this post are entirely my own. LS xo

It’s the Little Things – Petite Success

imageHey Friends,

Linking up once again on this lovely Wednesday (happy hump day!) with my hosts Jess & Ashley.

I am so close to my goal weight at Weight Watchers I can almost touch it, but then it slips slightly out of grasp again.  I just can’t quite get there.

I’d set myself a target to get to goal by my birthday, which has been & gone.

It’s hard sometimes not to get despondent when we don’t reach our goals, but I’m trying not to be too hard on myself.  It’s good to have goals, but sometimes they can change & shift.  The key is not to get bent out of shape about it, re-assess the goals & move on. New goal is to reach goal weight by the end of next term in time for Summer.

I’m still proud of my achievements & it’s good to congratulate yourselves on small goals you’ve achieved!

I now consider myself a petite!!! I’ve had to buy some new clothes as my old wardrobe is too big!  I’ve gone from a Size 14 to a Size 10.  Whereas before I was just short (I’m 4ft 11in), I am now petite & that is huge for me.  A girl who is short & wide is not going to fit into the petite range anywhere trust me!

So I’m celebrating the fact that although I’m still going up & down a bit, I’m fitting into Petite ranges at my favourite stores.

Topshop is my favourite, I just love the cutting edge style, but Next is good too! Both have really good home delivery service.

Check out my latest purchases!

1// Next Jumpsuit


2// Topshop Fringe Kimono

3// Topshop Leigh Jeans

4// Topshop Denim Dress


I can’t find the petite version on the denim dress on line, I got mine in the Bath store.

Here’s me in my new petite jumpsuit on a recent night out!


Love this new lease of life in the fashion department, see my post about my capsule wardrobe HERE.

I guess success can come in many different ways, be positive! Cheers!

With warm thanks to my hosts..

Until the next time
Have a great day!

Lizzie XOXO

Operation Ranch Organisation 2014


This week on the blog, meal planning & supermarket shopping.  It can be a real chore.

I’ve found it’s so much less hassle if I sit down & plan out meals & then buy the stuff I actually need to make it!

Maybe I’m thinking about it too much (probably), but if I don’t think about it then our meals end up being a bit blah & I think food like most things needs a lot of love in it. The family can tell, I know it!

I’ve also spent too many moments stressing about what I have in my cupboard that I can’t actually make a meal out of.  I mean what can you make out of a tin of chick peas, pasta, flour & chicken soup? If you have the answer please tell me!!


So my Mum gave me a tip she used to use when we were little.

Write a list of everything, absolutely everything you buy, ever! Even down to scouring pads, mascara & the things you just don’t buy that often.  I’ve put mine into the order of the supermarket I go to the most.

Then on a Sunday evening me & hubs sit down & plan what we’ll eat that week & I go shopping on the Monday.

My hubby actually really likes to be involved in this part of the process! Just as long as he doesn’t have to do the shopping or cooking!

He likes knowing & looking forward to what we’ll be eating that week & so do I.  It really takes the stress out of thinking up meals all the time.

Then I sit on the sofa & I go through the shopping list & read it out to hubs who is in & out of the cupboards & fridge like a ninja with a yes or no as to whether we already have that item or not. If not I just tick next to the item & that’s my shopping list. Easy peasy.

At the end of the day I can’t keep tabs on every product or item we use in our ranch so sometimes I won’t have realised we’ve run low on toothpaste or soap & hubs will be more on the ball!

Two heads are better than one & I’m not wasting so much money buying the same thing twice or not at all!

I’ve typed up my list & have it saved on my pc, but if you’re into FREE PRINTABLES like I am then you could give it a go, in your own family style of course! Pinterest has loads of ideas on both Meal Planning & Shopping List organisation

meal planner

I saw this gorgeous free printable meal planner/shopper organiser on a blog I read regularly.

I don’t know about you but anything that makes my life easier is good for me.

Linking this post to It’s the Little Things on a Wednesday, thanks to Ashley & Jess.


Have a great day!

See you next time.

Lizzie xoxo

Love Yeovil

A little while back my Church ran an initiative called Love Yeovil. Young people went out & cleared gardens. They helped in the community to clear, clean up & love Yeovil through doing.

I didn’t feel the love. I didn’t love Yeovil. I didn’t want the t-shirt.

I moved here with my family when I was a month away from turning 9 years old. The town we had come from was smaller, prettier & I loved it. I struggled to settle.

I’ve called this place ‘home’ for 27 years now & I’ve only just ‘got it’.

Compare the town with other places & of course you will find fault but there’s fault in every town. Look for the positive & you’ll find it too.

No, the town centre is not as pretty as some & I would love to see that change. It has been affected by greedy landlords & had the heart ripped out of it, at least they tried to. Some decisions along the way did not improve it.

However, this town of mine has been built up on industry & industry is not always pretty! It looks like hard work, it looks like determination & it looks like grit.

That’s the kind of heart I want in my town.

Thankfully the very industry the town was built up around, gloving & helicopter manufacturing, is still thriving!

Now all we need here is for the town centre to be more attractive to outside people who may be put off from coming here.

I read a thread a couple of weeks ago that made my blood boil. A lady from London was asking if Yeovil would be a good place for her young family to move to. Her responders all slated my town, saying it was rough & ugly.

Most of them had only visited once or were commenting on hearsay. But it made me realise how much I’ve come to love this place. It’s beautiful!

I’m not saying that we don’t have a long way to go, there are some people that seem hellbent on giving our town a bad wrap! But there are also people working so hard, investing in this town to make it a better place & I can see huge improvements!! Let’s support them!

Independent Traders are being encouraged back to the town centre, & investing in loving this town. Working alongside the bigger chains we need to support them to see a diverse & colourful town centre. That’s where we’re going to see positive transformation!

I am passionate about seeing the stigma attached to my town turned on its head!

If you already love Yeovil or were one of the young people who helped make our town a better place that day, I’m sorry I’m so far behind the curve ball, but I’m here now & I want the t-shirt.

Let’s transform this town together. #loveyeovil #supportindependentshops

Until the next time friends
Have a great day!

Lizzie xx

Capsule Wardrobe

Since having my second baby in March, I’ve been on quite a determined journey to turn some things around for the better.

I decided that after Sweet Bea was born I was ready to get my body, image & confidence sorted.

It’s my choice how I feel.

I decided to go back to Weight Watchers & join a gym, I’m gaining confidence the more weight I lose. I WANT to look nice & feel good again. For my husband, for my kids, but mostly just for me.

I’m fed up with wearing worn out clothes that aren’t my style & aren’t the right size!

After SH was born I went through a charity shop phase, where everything I bought was second hand. I didn’t exercise & I didn’t look after myself.

I didn’t really care what I looked like. I had a child to look after! What I wore & how I looked were secondary. However this phase left me feeling frumpy, old before my time & generally rubbish.

So my day off was part of that journey.

I’ve decided that rather than spend loads of money on lots of tops & jumpers I’d think before buying much. I’d rather do some research, find out what’s out there & save to buy a few nice items for my new, smaller wardrobe.

I think in the fashion industry it’s called a ‘capsule wardrobe’!? Really nicely made, classic clothes, that aren’t in or out of fashion that I can mix & match, & add accessories to bring it up to date & on trend.

I’m hoping I’ll need less clothes overall as my wardrobe is crammed FULL of clothes from years back that I haven’t quite had the guts to clear out.

I don’t need them all & quite frankly I can’t see the wood for the trees when I open it. How can I have so many clothes & not be happy to wear any of them!? On a humanitarian level it’s not great that all these clothes are not being used.

So the charity shops will benefit again!!

At The Mall I did find a classic navy blazer which cinches in at the waist (I got it back, yeehah!) & a leopard print scarf from Hobbs. Gok Wan said in a This Morning article that every girl needs a blazer in her wardrobe! Gok, I listened!  Maybe my rule when looking at an item of clothing should be, ‘what would Gok think of this’!?


I’m very happy with my purchases & I’m happy I didn’t come home laden with bags full of clothes I won’t wear.

Clothes aren’t the be all & end all.  At the end of the day confidence comes from the inside.  Not a front to be put out to the world. If you feel nice, it goes a little way to help confidence grow & I believe it’s valuable for a mama to feel good.


It’s good for me & it’s good for the kids that I feel happy in myself. Confidence is learnt… from our upbringing, the world around us, our friendships & what we let in from media…but also our decisions. I’m determined to teach my kids self-confidence. It starts with me.

So I’ve decided….to be confident & to enjoy shedding my old wardrobe for a reduced, less cluttered & capsule-icious one!!

Tidy wardrobe, tidy mind! My twist on an old saying.

Until the next time friends.
Have a great day!

Lizzie xx