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Take a Moment – Yummy Mummy Set


What is a Yummy Mummy? Actually now I think of it what is a Crummy Mummy?

I’d like to think I’m these things first & foremost:

I am a present Mummy

I am a fun Mummy

I am a wise Mummy

I am a fair Mummy

I am a loving Mummy

I am a creative Mummy

I am a relational Mummy

I am a serving Mummy

I am a faithful Mummy

These are certainly the attributes I want to work hard on anyway.

Rather than feel part of the Yummy Mummy Set I’d like to think I just put my sweet kids first.

What do you think a Yummy Mummy is? Do we (society & individuals) put too much expectation & pressure on ourselves as Mother’s/women?

I’d love to know your thoughts!



Five on Friday – Best Foot Forward Spring/Summer 2014


Holla! How are you on this fine day? (grey UK-side).

My mind is a bit of a muddle today, being up with Sweet Bea in the night has made my brain a bit fuzzy! That’s where blogging is brilliant.  I know that by the time I have these ideas down & out in the blogosphere I will feel better & be able to think a bit clearer.

If you don’t already write, I can tell you writing everything down is free therapy! You’re welcome.

Today FEET!  The part of the body I feel we easily neglect & yet we are on them all day & we put them through a lot.

Here are my 5 tips & product suggestions to help you put your best feet forward this Spring/Summer 2014!!!


Even if you only have time for one treatment this Spring/Summer go & get yourself a pedicure, your feet will seriously thank you.

Think an hour or more getting your feet painted is a little too luxurious?  Most salons offer mini Pedi’s which should take around 30 minutes & are a little cheaper.  That’s more than enough to set you up & perk up your tootsies for the warmer weather!



This is a tip for every day not just when your feet are out for all to see.  Even though this seems abit top level, I bet you forget regularly!

Next time you have a shower wash those feet! In between the toes too, no cheating! Dry them properly too, then move onto Step Three.


My feet get so hot in the warmer weather & add walking/running around the house/garden a thousand times a day with the Sweet Kids  & they are d-i-r-t-y! Like proper and my ankles hurt too!

Washing your feet, spraying with a cooling spray & moisturising them will cool them down & take care of those tooties.  I love anything with a cooling element to it.

I’ve tried a few products over the years  but lately I’m loving Burt’s Bee’s range.  I was given a tube of Burt’s Bees Foot Balm as a gift .  One for the evening when you have a bit more time, it takes awhile to sink in, but it’s luxury in a tube.  The smell is heavenly, a mix of coconut & mint (although it states just coconut).  You can get this lovely foot balm at various outlets.

Now I’m sold on the range I need to decide between these two beauties when my little tube runs out!

bees bees2



You can find the range at John Lewis, Boots, Debenhams or Amazon amongst others.


Ever feel like the kids have gone to bed & you’re still rushing around like a loony trying to tidy up?

Take a break, put your feet up for 5 minutes, read a blog post or two. Have a cup of tea & then I recommend you  read this seriously funny post before tidying the kids toys away for the night.

playmobil flip flops

Photograph courtesy of Hurrah for Gin.

Katie at Hurrah for Gin  will get you into the swing of tidying with style, I promise it’ll set you up for the next day of free play with your Sweet Kids!


Every year needs a new pair of sandals.

I’ve scoured Pinterest & the internet for you & fallen for these lovelies for 2014, what do you think? Strappy or strappy? Strappy it is! These are my favourite, the expensive ones of course!

Most likely you’ll find me at buying my next pair at River Island or Topshop although I wish I could afford the Tory Burch pair!

Thanks to my sweet hosts, April, Christina, Darci & Natasha.

Don’t forget to read their lovely posts.

Until the next time friends have a sweet day!

Lizzie XOXO

nb. This post is not sponsored & all thoughts & opinions are entirely my own, LS XO


Five on Friday – New Year’s Edition


Hi friends,

Linking up once again with April, Christina, Darci & Natasha.  Thanks ladies!

I thought I would let you all in on my little resolutions & plans for 2014.


If you read my post you will know I have suffered with anxiety, at some points it was really hard going, especially mixed with a bit of Post Natal Anxiety.  I have to admit in those really hard times I have shut myself away from the world.

However, part of my resolve list in 2013 was to focus on my own well-being, being more positive & looking after my body & mind.  Since setting on that road I can honestly say I’ve never felt better.

I was recommended an app called Headspace which you can download for free on your iPhone.  It’s quite amazing how quickly it changed things for me.  I don’t feel the need to use it every day, but it’s there if I need it.

Read more about Headspace & whether it could help you here.


harry play on floor

What’s the point in being a SAHM if my whole day is spent doing the dishes, cooking, laundry, supermarket shopping & the mundane?

I need to remind myself daily why I stayed home, get down with the kids on the floor, & just have some FUN with them! E V E R Y  D A Y.

The days go by so quickly, & too many have passed without me just being with them, totally focused on just playing, or reading to them.  I need to do this intentionally before they decide not to bother trying anymore.



Redesign, possibly sponsoring another blog, inviting other bloggers to guest post & hosting giveaways may be in this blog’s future!

I’ve been blown away by all the views & support I’ve had since I started blogging in August.

I’ve also got the domain name, so watch out for the switch to self-hosted!

What can I say, it’s exciting stuff being planned in this Somerset ranch for 2014!



I have no idea yet what this may be!

I’m one for planning our holidays/trips so I feel in control, but since I’ve started practicing Mindfulness/Headspace I’m more open to whatever adventure comes my way.

Maybe it will be a trip with girlfriends, or a blogging conference?! All I know is, when I get to the end of 2014, I will look back & know what that adventure was.



For me, nothing is possible without the love & grace of God. If I’m not inline with His plans  then things tend to go awry!

My SIL Deb got me this beautiful devotional called Jesus Calling by Sarah Young for Christmas, so I’m intending use this gift & spend time in His presence every day. (Please also note the beautiful new Filofax which will hopefully keep me more organised! I NEED IT!)

sweet bea 10 months

Finally, can I also just add it’s my Sweet Bea’s TENTH MOTHERSARY TODAY! Oh my goodness, seriously where did the time go!?  She’s just the most adorable, funniest, happiest baby girl in the world! She’s teething, trying to stand all the time & throws most of her food on the floor, but my goodness our life is so much richer for having her. Love you so much my little dink.

Until the next time friends.
Have a great day!

Lizzie xoxo

BFF Christmas Gift

Okay so I’ve had a couple of reminders to show you what I got my BFF Roberta for Christmas.

I didn’t see her face when she opened it but she assures me she hasn’t taken it off so WIN there. Yay for monograms!!


I might have got one for me too!

Gotta love Etsy!

Until the next time
Have a great day!

Lizzie xoxo

Happy Monday

It’s Monday morning again!

Whether you love or loathe the start of the week it’s important for me to at least try & start off the week on a good note.

I try (when I remember!) to pray for the week ahead & that God will go ahead of us.

It’s always been so lovely to have Jon home at the weekend & we miss having him around when he goes off to work on Monday morning.

We thrive on routine & structure in our little ranch though so it’s all okay once we get into our stride!

Looking on Pinterest this morning trying to find some motivational & positive Monday morning pins, I came across these & they made me laugh out loud.

However you feel about Monday I hope these make you smile too!

Have a great Monday morning folks!!

Lizzie xx



Nb. If today isn’t so hot just think ‘tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it’ – Anne Shirley, Anne of Green Gables xx

Five on Friday

Happy Friday everyone!

I’ve been meaning to do a link up to these lovely & encouraging US blogs, but wanted to wait until this newbie blogger had the know-how to do it! I’m learning as I go!!

These ladies have been blogging for years & have a huge following. I can only dream of blogging at this level!

April, Christina, Natasha & Darci  (a. liz adventures, carolina charm, hello! happiness & the good life blog) allow others to link up with them to give our own five joys or things we’re loving, every Friday.

Natasha’s blog, Hello! Happiness, is the first blog I ever read (& loved)!

So here we go with my own ‘Five on Friday’!

1. Montacute House & Gardens – The National Trust

This large Elizabethan house & gardens is literally down the road from my house & whenever we have nothing else organised this is our ‘go to’ place every time.

The Tea Rooms are lovely & super child friendly.

The gardens are beautiful & Sweet Harry loves the giant chess board!

I just love the history of the place & my Mum works here doing tour guides and conservation cleaning!

Scenes from ‘Sense & Sensibility’ were filmed here & I’m grateful to have it on my doorstep.

2. My Sweet Bea is 7 Months Old!

This one makes my heart sink & soar at the same time. I just can’t believe the time is going so fast.

SB is now sitting in her high chair, chomping away on steamed veg sticks & bread & butter soldiers!

She also started saying ‘Dada’ yesterday, dot on her 7 ‘monthersary’.

Slow down a little bit, my beautiful Sweet Bea, you’re growing too fast for this mama!

3. I Love…Mango & Papaya Handwash

This Handwash smells & looks amazing!

The bright colour really cheers up my bathroom & is perfect for Autumn. Sweet Harry also loves using it! That’s got to be a Win/Win situation! 20131004-111956.jpg

You can read my review of this orange popping handwash here

4. Love & Wonder

My post ‘Love & Wonder’ tells about this wonderful shop of the same name in my hometown.

I bought a birthday gift for my girlfriend, Em, here! I really enjoyed the experience. I decided on the baking kit with windmill toppers you see pictured below! So cute!

It’s a breath of fresh air to have somewhere local to purchase wonderful gifts & accessories for my home.20131004-112148.jpg

You can shop online here

See my review here

5. Clarins – Beauty Flash Balm

I’m grateful to have this product in my life! It brightens my sometimes tired & stessed skin & really zings it up a notch!

I use it when I want to refresh my make up without re-applying foundation.

It helps that one of my oldest & dearest friends, Helen, is the Account Manager on the Clarins Counter. I know I will always get honest, good customer service & a winning smile!


Meet my friend Helen & read my post here

Many, many, thanks to April, Christina, Darci & Natasha for allowing me to link up today!!!

Until the next time friends.

Have a great day!
Lizzie xx

Friendship that Brightens


I have some really amazing friends in my life. Each & every one blesses me in some way.

You’ll be sure to hear about my friends over time, but for now I’d like to introduce you to one of my oldest & dearest friends.

Around for the longest & such a gem, meet Helen!

Helen is the type of girl who radiates & brightens a room, so much so her nickname is Belle. Her friends & family know she’s lovely inside & out.

Working for the last couple of years as Account Manager on the Clarins Counter in our local department store (Beales), Helen has been sure to pass on some skincare knowledge & love of the range to me.

The items I purchase every time, are the moisturiser Multi Active Jour & fragrance. I first came across the fragrance Eau Dynamisante 12 years ago, I was given it as a gift to take with me when I travelled for a year to Australia.

I went in the October & carried it around with me unopened until Christmas morning! By then I was in Sydney in blazing sunshine!

The fragrance always takes me back to sunshine & relaxation, we had our Christmas on the beach that day!

My hubby always knows what to get me for birthdays/Christmas gifts if I’ve nearly run out! It’s always handy for a bloke to have those ‘go to’ gifts that will always go down well & he knows Helen will look after him & guide him.

Because I bought some items the other day I got gift (buy two items, one to be skincare, & choose three gifts for free) & one of the ‘gifts’ I chose was the Baume Beaute Eclair Beauty Flash Balm, & this is the product I want to share with you today! It’s amazing!!

It instantly brightens my skin, I used it yesterday as I didn’t want to wear a full face of make up. I used it instead of my foundation.

I’ve also used it on an evening out, when I didn’t want to reapply my foundation. I just used Beauty Flash Balm & topped up my blusher & I was good to go!

The balm instantly makes my skin brighter & look less tired! A trick all tired mama’s need to know.

The gifts were all a really good size too, perfect for a Christmas gift maybe!

As well as getting great skincare & advice, you’ll also be welcomed with that warm winning smile!

Clarins gift is on until 12th October in Beales Department Store, Yeovil.



Until the next time friends.

Have a great day!

Lizzie xx

Nb This post is not sponsored & all thoughts & opinions on this post are entirely my own. L xx

Love & Wonder

Shopping in my hometown centre has been a bit sporadic for me the last few years.

Sweet Harry never quite took to being pushed around from shop to shop.

Now SH is safely at pre-school two mornings a week, I can walk into town for my appointments, shopping & even a coffee! Hello!!

So I’ve missed quite a few changes about town. As I was wondering around looking for a birthday gift for my girlfriend Em I stumbled across a wonderful shop full to the brim of really stunning giftware & accessories.

Love & Wonder has been around for a little while now, totally missed by me due to having been in a pregnancy/childcare fog!

I was ably helped by the owner who was super friendly, I gave her my budget & was asked what kind of person my friend was & what she liked!

I was then shown items in that genre & it was really tough to choose from all the really lovely gifts! I was not guided towards more expensive items.

I chose a baking set & tea light holder because Em loves to bake & I couldn’t resist the little windmill toppers!

I was impressed by the owner Chloe’s gentle & friendly approach. There was no hard sell & I went away very happy.

My friend loved the gifts & all is well with the world!!

If you need a thoughtful gift for that special friend, pop a long to Love & Wonder or visit the website.

Until the next time friends!

Have a great day.
Lizzie xx





Nb This post is not sponsored & all thoughts & opinions on this post are entirely my own. L xx


Happy October everyone!!!

My recommendation today if you are at home with your kids, is get outside every day. Even just for a little while.

I find that if we don’t get abit of fresh air every day we can go abit crazy!!

Sweet Harry especially enjoys getting out to our local park. He loves watching the ducks & since its Autumn, picking up lots of leaves!

I learnt from a very wise child minder that you don’t need a lot of toys to keep children happy & thoroughly enthralled.

Kids learn through play, but my friend has taught me that play doesn’t have to be with loads of plasticky toys, although they can be good too.

A walk in the fresh air looking at nature & seeing people out & about working is teaching SH far more.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to sell myself as the perfect Mama, there are days we don’t make it out & the telly is on far longer than it should!

But the days we do make it out always seem to go that bit better, & even if we only get out for half an hour I feel like I’ve achieved something!

Yesterday we popped out to a park & noticed a huge horse chestnut tree in the corner!

We got ourselves a hoard of treasure yesterday!

Follow my favourite childminder for ideas & tips on how to utilise outside play on Twitter!! @LookaftermeMe

Until the next time friends.

Have a great day!

Lizzie xx



Pump & Circumstance

Time for a mama review! I will be recommending brands in my posts all this week that make my life easier, simple & just plain joyful!

A way I relax is to take a lovely bubble bath. There’s nothing like a hot bath after a hard day with the kids, especially coming into the colder months.

My favourites are Radox & I Love… I really appreciate the Radox Muscle Soak with Clary Sage. I find it really helps me to unwind after a long day & years of Radox know how has gone into the whole range.

The newer I Love… range came across my radar when I was given some bubble bath as a gift! I’ve since used the body creams, lip balm & hand lotion in various flavours (Strawberries & Cream, Raspberries & Blackberry, Coffee & Cream).

The I Love…Coconuts & Cream bubble bath just smells AMAZING & totally reminds me of holiday & the sunshine! Something we might all need as the cold days & dark nights draw in!

I’ve recently noticed that I Love… has also started doing a liquid pump soap. Exciting! I’ve always loved soap & used to collect soap in different shapes, my pink soap ballet shoes were my favourite when I was little!

I will always have a soft spot for proper English soap but the liquid pump handwashes are just so much easier, less messy & I think more hygenic.

I really rate antibacterial hand washes & have them at all the main sinks in the house in case I’ve been handling our kitten & after nappy changes.

The rest of the time I like abit of luxury as much as the next girl so I just had to grab the I Love…Mango & Papaya hand wash, I’m abit orange mad as its such an Autumn/Fall colour, it smells amazing, the orange colour really pops in the bathroom. Harry finds it easy to use the pump too, & loves the smell. Anything that helps washing little hands makes me happy!!

The overall appearance is really lovely, it has a high shine & the soap has a pearlescent & luxurious look.

It doesn’t have a high price tag though, you can pick up this pump soap (& the rest of the range) at either Boots or Superdrug!!

Some girlfriends admired it when I had them round recently, I like that you can choose a flavour that suits you individually & even choose a colour which fits your own tastes & colour scheme!

I would love to hear all about the brands you love! Comment below if you’d like to share your loves with me.

Until the next time friends.

Have a great day!

Lizzie xx

Nb This post is not sponsored & all thoughts & opinions on this post are entirely my own. L xx