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Centenary Celebration

My last post was my 100th published article on WordPress!

This has got to be worth celebrating!!!

So I thought about popping out the champs & streamers but instead I’ve decided to open up this little space that has been all mine since August.

God’s been working on my heart again & saying I need to hold this blog a little lighter, it’s time to let you all in a little bit more.

My Open Mic series starts on Tuesday.

A range of articles from normal, everyday people who feel they have some wisdom or encouragement to impart. They are not necessarily bloggers, just honest writing from the heart from those who wish to share it.

Maybe the next writer will be you?

If you feel you have something to say & it fits with the ethos of this blog then get in touch.

Tune in on Tuesday to see what my first guest has to say about serenity & the double yellow line.

Lizzie XOXO

Blogs I Love

blogs i love

Hi friends,

It’s been half term this week, so with both kids home & lots of play dates there’s been little time for writing.

Since I like to keep in touch with you all no matter what I thought I’d quickly write down a list of the blogs I read & share some love around.

I read all of my blog posts through Bloglovin’ a brilliant site you can download as an app on your phone.  It makes it really quick & easy to read the blogs you love wherever you are!

All of my posts go on Facebook or Twitter, if you’re not on either of these or find you’re missing my posts, you can follow them through Bloglovin’. Just search for Lizzie Somerset’s Blog!

I just counted & I follow a whopping 30 blogs!! I don’t always read every post from every blogger, there’s just not enough time in the day.  There are times when I’ve unfollowed blogs because they’re just not my cup of tea!

From time to time the one’s I do follow may write about things that just aren’t as interesting to me as other posts.  It’ll be the same for you on my blog too! Sometimes I’ll write about things you think are great, sometimes you might not be so interested in something I say! But that’s the great thing about blogging, there will always be inspiration out there, you just have to find it!

I’m going to cut it down to the blogs where I read most of the posts, because they’re just so good they seem to know what’s on my mind & speak right into that. Whether it’s about parenting, being enough, inspiration for my home/fashion, recipe’s or just beautiful lifestyle with fantastic photography. These blogs give me a lot of joy.

I’m also going to include my fave lifestyle & cookery blogs too, all of these blogs are written by women apart from one.

Cheers Y’all – Elise – Lifestyle, Fashion, Positive & Christian Motivation

A Brew of Blessings – Tara – Lifestyle, Home Décor, Fashion & Christian Thoughts

Levi’s Life Thoughts – Levi – Christian Thoughts

Sprinkle of Glitter – Louise – Lifestyle, Baby & Beauty

Carolina Charm – Christina – Lifestyle, Baking & Baby

A.Liz Adventures – April – Lifestyle, Fashion & Baby

Joy the Baker – Joy – Baking

Tanya Burr – Tanya – Beauty

The Small Things Blog – Kate – Hair, Beauty, Style & Baby

I hope you enjoy checking out these great blogs! I certainly take a lot of inspiration from each & every one.

You can now e-mail me on lizziesomerset@gmail.com I’d love to hear from ya! Or as always you can comment below, you know I appreciate all of your comments & for reading along.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Blessings as always!


An unintentional break

Hey friends, first apologies for neglecting you all, sickness has hit me yet again & I’m at long last admitting defeat & taking myself to the doctor.

I’m more than hopeful I’ll feel better for my birthday on Friday!

So this week to show you a little bit of the joys I’ve enjoyed over the last couple of months I’m going to be posting some short blog posts over the week.

I hope you enjoy them!

Lizzie XOXO

5 on Friday – 31st January 2014 Edition


Happy end of January all,

I’m surprised how fast this month has gone! Usually for me Jan is the dullest month, but we’ve had so many ‘firsts’ this month & lots we’ve achieved; so let’s go straight to my 5!

With thanks to April, Christina, Darci & Natasha.

O N E – Lizzie Somerset’s First Guest Post

I was super excited to have been asked by the lovely Karen at 365 Pearls of Wisdom to do a guest post.  My first one ever, take a look at my guest post here Pearl #65!

Lizzie 365 Pearls of Wisdom

We had a mama/blogger dinner date out at my local TableTable & agreed I would speak about anxiety & Post-Natal Anxiety.  It’s an issue that I feel needs to be spoken about so that people who are suffering with it know they’re not alone, & the steps I’ve taken to overcome mine.  I truly hope & pray my story impacts, encourages & goes some way to helping someone else.

T W O – Sweet Bea’s First Tooth


This has been A LONG TIME COMING!!!!!!!!!!!! Man oh man my sweet, sweet babe has been growing this tooth FOREVER so we are so happy it’s finally popped through.  We’re still up in the night & SB needs to be held A LOT to be kept happy but we are celebrating this milestone & coming back to a love of Calpol.

T H R E E – Sweet Bea Standing Up

SB Standing Up

It’s been quite a month for SB! She actually started pulling herself up last month but now she stays stood up & prefers standing to sitting! She follows her big bro in everything she possibly can. It makes such a difference having a sibling to how quickly my second has done things like this, she’s 10 months old. Celebrate good times!

F O U R – Planning our Holidays

There’s just something about the grey days & possibly something to do with all the holiday ads on tv that bring my mind to warmer climes.

I’ve been looking back over our honeymoon pics in St Lucia & wishing I could be whisked away back there but anyway, what I’d really like is to find somewhere abroad maybe a villa with a pool, but I’m also mindful of dangers with pools so it would need to be safe for pre-schoolers/crawlers/nearly walkers!

If anyone knows of anything in a warm country in Europe that is super kid friendly, I’m taking recommendations!! I’m also tentatively interested in a house swap but I’m a newbie to the concept, baby steps.

F I V E – Jesus Calling Devotional

Jesus Calling v2

I’ve spoken about my gift of this devotional HERE & even though I haven’t managed to read it everyday I have read every page, I love that it’s short enough that I can catch up if I get behind with it.  Here’s the one that has spoken to me the most this month.

Devotional 5 on Friday

I’d love to hear about what you’re up to, how was your Jan? Thinking about holibobs?

Until next time friends

Have a great day!

Lizzie XOXO

Guest Post for 365 Pearls of Wisdom

Hi friends,

I hope you’re having a great weekend!? I just love Saturdays.

We’re spending it doing stuff as a four; coffee & cake, Water Babies with Sweet Bea & chores (see my post HERE about how we’re organising that) & sweet Church tomorrow.

On Monday I’ll be doing my first ever guest post, I’m so excited to have been asked by Karen of 365 Pearls of Wisdom, be sure to check out Karen’s cute blog for my contribution on Monday!!

It’s a very honest & thought provoking post & well worth a read.

Don’t worry, I’ll remind you on Monday so you don’t forget & provide a link so you can go straight to it!!!

See you over there on Monday!

Have a great weekend all.

Lizzie xoxo

Five on Friday 17th January 2014 Edition


Hi Friends & Happy Friday!

This week has been curtailed due to illness in our family, me & the sweet kids have all had colds. So we’ve stayed home, dosed ourselves up & helped the sorrows with chocolate digestives & playing with the farm my (late) sweet Grampy made me.

sweet bea

sweet harry

I’ve also loved reading other blogs this week. Reading other people’s stories is what inspired me to start writing my own. These people I follow allow me into their lives, with stories, anecdotes, tips, advice, recipes & more, a community.

So this week’s 5 is showing some love to those blogs who have inspired, made me think, or just cheered me up & got me through this week!

1.  Sprinkle of Glitter

My all time favourite blogger is Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter. I love how I can hear her voice through her words & she has an uncanny way of saying what is in my head!

This week the post I loved & I’m so excited Motivational Monday is back. I need it, oh yes i do!!

Yup, what she said!

2.  Louloudorset

My good friend has started blogging again, yay! I loved the Filofax part of this post & must get a monthly insert for mine. How much do I need to get organised right now. Sheesh.

I’m looking forward to reading Lou Lou’s Schedule Sunday every week & hoping it’ll give me the kick up the bum I need.

3.  Every Day Cheer

A great blog for free printables & ideas for your kids. I always love reading about them! I always think they’re such cute ideas (I’m not a crafty person but I love the pictures!!)

This post is a valentines idea for the kids & really cheered me up.

4.  A.Liz Adventures

This Southern charm is always posting lovelies but this post caught my eye (did someone say magpie?). Yes, anything that gets my silver shimmering or my glitter glittering will always get my vote.

This is a great tip for cleaning your silver.

5.  Fancy Ashley

This gal is quite simply the most positive blog I follow. So when I saw this post it really touched my heart.

It really helps to know that things are not always rosey?! Life is sometimes hard & it’s good to share, take comfort in friendship & community. I love Ashley’s attitude even in the dark & uncertain days that life sometimes throws at us. I can learn a lot from her.

These are the posts that caught my eye this week!

Until the next time friends!
Have a great day

Lizzie xoxo

Five on Friday – New Year’s Edition


Hi friends,

Linking up once again with April, Christina, Darci & Natasha.  Thanks ladies!

I thought I would let you all in on my little resolutions & plans for 2014.


If you read my post you will know I have suffered with anxiety, at some points it was really hard going, especially mixed with a bit of Post Natal Anxiety.  I have to admit in those really hard times I have shut myself away from the world.

However, part of my resolve list in 2013 was to focus on my own well-being, being more positive & looking after my body & mind.  Since setting on that road I can honestly say I’ve never felt better.

I was recommended an app called Headspace which you can download for free on your iPhone.  It’s quite amazing how quickly it changed things for me.  I don’t feel the need to use it every day, but it’s there if I need it.

Read more about Headspace & whether it could help you here.


harry play on floor

What’s the point in being a SAHM if my whole day is spent doing the dishes, cooking, laundry, supermarket shopping & the mundane?

I need to remind myself daily why I stayed home, get down with the kids on the floor, & just have some FUN with them! E V E R Y  D A Y.

The days go by so quickly, & too many have passed without me just being with them, totally focused on just playing, or reading to them.  I need to do this intentionally before they decide not to bother trying anymore.



Redesign, possibly sponsoring another blog, inviting other bloggers to guest post & hosting giveaways may be in this blog’s future!

I’ve been blown away by all the views & support I’ve had since I started blogging in August.

I’ve also got the domain name lizziesomerset.com, so watch out for the switch to self-hosted!

What can I say, it’s exciting stuff being planned in this Somerset ranch for 2014!



I have no idea yet what this may be!

I’m one for planning our holidays/trips so I feel in control, but since I’ve started practicing Mindfulness/Headspace I’m more open to whatever adventure comes my way.

Maybe it will be a trip with girlfriends, or a blogging conference?! All I know is, when I get to the end of 2014, I will look back & know what that adventure was.



For me, nothing is possible without the love & grace of God. If I’m not inline with His plans  then things tend to go awry!

My SIL Deb got me this beautiful devotional called Jesus Calling by Sarah Young for Christmas, so I’m intending use this gift & spend time in His presence every day. (Please also note the beautiful new Filofax which will hopefully keep me more organised! I NEED IT!)

sweet bea 10 months

Finally, can I also just add it’s my Sweet Bea’s TENTH MOTHERSARY TODAY! Oh my goodness, seriously where did the time go!?  She’s just the most adorable, funniest, happiest baby girl in the world! She’s teething, trying to stand all the time & throws most of her food on the floor, but my goodness our life is so much richer for having her. Love you so much my little dink.

Until the next time friends.
Have a great day!

Lizzie xoxo

resolution rɛzəˈluːʃ(ə)n/ noun 1. a firm decision to do or not to do something. synonyms: intention, resolve, decision, intent, aim, aspiration, design, purpose, object, plan

Resolution sparkle

I LOVE writing lists. Actually I need to write lists to make it through.

I’ve only just realised that the list I wrote at the start of last year about my aspirations, dreams & plans for 2013 were in fact me making a New Year’s resolution!

I guess I’d got too hung up on it being about giving things up, or starting a crazy exercise regime!

I’ve come to realise that in order to feel a bit more grounded & focused I need to write down the things I hope for & the things I want to see change.


Me & hubs went through the list we made at the start of 2013 last night, as individuals & for our family. It was amazing to see what we’ve achieved (& what’s rolled over on to the 2014 list, oops!)

Sweet Bea’s only objective was to grow, check on that one!

Sweet Harry was to spend more time outside, check again!

My list was a little longer & I’ve ticked most off my list as I had so many things I wanted to do now I’ve finished with having babies! I’ve found it such a useful & enjoyable task to myself I wanted to go it again for 2014.

One of the blogs I follow & love is called Every Day Cheer, go & give them some love y’all. They posted a free Resolution Printable & step-by-step guide which I filled in last night.


Find the free printable HERE.  I feel mega organised & so ready for whatever 2014 has for me & my little gems.

cs lewis

Slightly off course now, thanks for your encouragement & comments since I started blogging in August.

I didn’t think when I opened a free WordPress template it would build into the blog you see today. I had no idea it would get half as many views as it has & I’m simply overwhelmed by the blogging love.


2014 will see some subtle but definate change on the old blog! Did I hear someone say redesign? Sssh you!

I’ll also be a bit more PR friendly but in a subtle way I promise! I just want to be able to continue writing lovely posts which are genuine & heartfelt & look after my two little gems at the same time.

Let’s just say I’m hoping 2014 will be the best year yet!

See you next year friends!
Happy New Year

Lizzie xoxo


Hard Going

Ever feel like you’re wading through treacle?

Today is that day for me friends! No matter how hard I try to stay positive the next thing happens & tries to knock me down again.

This post may turn into a ramble, just to warn you…

Today started with my baby girl at 3am who decided to be wide awake when usually she sleeps great!

So I woke this morning already a bit tired. Then….the catalogue of events!!

Firstly I bit my tongue, ouch. No biggie.

Then I left the bottle of milk in the microwave too long & it exploded & burnt my hand. I screamed out loud it popped so loudly! Still, no use crying over spilt milk.

Then the cat bit me. Dealt with that & moved on.

Decided to walk to the shop for fresh air with the kids in the double buggy! The shop had put out loads of advertising boards & I struggled to get the buggy through, started to feel a bit irritated.

Inside the shop the aisles were all blocked with something. Starting to get very irritated. Mentioned it nicely to the shop lady.

Then the icing, an older guy in a electric buggy, I thought ‘he’ll never make it through those boards outside the shop’ heroically I moved into action!! Moved the very heavy boards out of the way & thought my day is getting better, what a great person I am doing a good deed for this guy!

Erm no, he wasn’t exactly appreciative that I’d assumed he wasn’t going to leave his buggy outside & walk in with his stick!

I must admit I sighed deeply in my heart at that point.

Thankfully once I’d apologised he thawed a bit & we had quite a nice chat.

Do you have days that just don’t seem to go well?

I could choose at this point to give the day up as lost & let the catalogue of events make my whole day unravel, but I choose not.

I choose to stay positive, to see the good in people, & to trust that God has a plan for me, even in the niggly, tired & downright annoying times!

I can’t control some of the things that happen to me in a day (or morning all before 11am!!) but I can control my attitude & my heart for people.

Hoping you’re all having a great day, I’m hopeful mine will get better from now, with my soft heart still in tact.

Until the next time friends.
Have a great day!

Lizzie xx


Little Gems

You may have noticed that every now & again I describe something I love as a little gem.

I LOVE the word gem because it just sounds so precious. I plan to use this word ALOT on my blog.

It means a precious or semi precious stone & the secondary meaning is an outstanding person or thing!

Obviously for me the real gems in my life are Sweet Harry & Sweet Bea, these babes are really the jewels in my crown.

What words do you use to describe your children, or the things or people you love?

It’s blowing a hoolie down South today. I’m hoping we won’t get blown away.

Whatever you’re doing, I hope you have a blessed day.

Until the next time friends
Lizzie xx