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OPEN MIC – Make Memories With Your Kids That Will Last Forever!



Welcome my Guest for this week’s Open Mic.



My name is Isabel Scollen.  I am married to Aaron & have 3 girls.  Aaron & I met in Leeds & got married in 2001.  I am British but was born in the Northeast of Brazil in the City of Recife.  I enjoy meeting new people & developing strong friendships.

I am interested in topics that include family life, marriage, children etc.  I love God & everything related to Him.

Make Memories With Your Kids That Will Last Forever!

When my friend Lizzie asked if anyone would like to contribute in her blog my first reaction was “I would love to.”

I love sharing the wonderful things that God blessed us to do as a family.  The benefits of all those little things and big things that we do in life count for a healthy and happy child’s present and future.

As Christians, we commit our children to God, we recognize that as in Psalm 127 “Children are an inheritance from the Lord”, they are a blessing.

Beginning of our Journey

Only 7 months after getting married, I found out that I was pregnant with my first daughter(Hannah).  When we were considering what to call her, we found out how significant names are in the Bible.  Each name has a meaning and that name can have a major impact on a child’s future.

The name Hannah seemed to fit like a glove.  From the Hebrew Hannah means “helper”, “grace” and “graciousness”.  She is a very independent, talented, inventive and successful child who has always been willing to help others.

Our second child “Alicia” comes from the Spanish meaning “noble one”.  Her name was adapted from her grandmother’s name “Alice”.  Strong willed, thoughtful, powerful and intelligent would some up Alicia.  She loves technology like her Dad!

Bethany, from the Hebrew meaning “house of figs”, born from the Bible as a place name rather than a person’s name.  Bethany was the place where Jesus visited with his close friends, Lazarus, Mary and Martha.

It was also the place where Lazarus was brought back from the dead (and this resurrection story is the reason we chose this name for our Bethany – but more on this another time!). Bethany is a very happy child: communicative, creative, optimistic and sociable.

Each one is so different and unique in their own way.

Hannah and Alicia are quite close in age and I often dressed them in matching outfits. When you are a new Mum, you want to keep everything fair.  If you give something to one, you feel the need to give the same thing to the other.  But as time goes on you realize that each one has a unique character – you can buy for each according to their character needs and fashion trends.

Here are some photos.



Today they are all dressed differently according to their taste.  Mum checks it out so they don’t come home with a bright pink skirt, green top and stripy socks to go to a wedding!

Making memories…

Back to the title of this post – how do we make memories with our children?

1) We have a custom in our family, that for every birthday, we start the day with a mini cake or breakfast in bed for the birthday boy or girl.  We sing “Happy Birthday”, blow out candles and gather all the cards and gifts from the family and open them up in bed.  We usually have a party within a couple of days for school and family friends to celebrate together, but we also love our little “family party” in the morning (lots of photos to keep the memories alive)!


2) Family weekends away or days out are a must.  We go to the beach, nature reserves and if the budget will allow theme and holiday parks.  For those with family who are not local, then visits to grandparents, aunts & uncles and cousins are great opportunities.  Our girls don’t see their cousins very often, so when they do, we make an effort to make it special and memorable for them. Lots of photos again to reinforce those memories.

3) Once a year a family holiday for a week or two is very important.  They will never forget – whether it’s camping, Disney, or a package holiday.  The budget is not as important as the time and attention that they will get from Mum and Dad.


Small memorable things

1)  One to Ones.  We try to give each child the full attention of one parent on a regular basis. For example

– clothes shopping with Mum, going to the cinema with Dad, walking the dog together or even going for a ride in the car.

2)  Having regular family meals together.  Although this can be difficult with the work pressures of many families, try to find something which works for you.  It may be breakfast every morning with the kids, dinner or supper.

3)  Highs and Lows.  Once a day at a meal time, have each family member share their high (something great that happened today) and a low (something not so good that happened).

So that’s what I wanted to share – I hope you enjoyed it!

Isabel Scollen


Disclaimer : Opinions raised in this Open Mic series are entirely the words, thoughts & opinions of the guest author & are not necessarily the opinion of Lizzie Somerset’s Blog.  LS XO


Small Joys – TWO

Hey friends,

Part Two of my Five part series this week of some of my joys since New Year that have stood out!

March 7th 2014 is a date that will forever be in my heart. My sweet, sweet Harry told me he loved me for the first time.

I know! How have I had to wait near enough 3 and a half years to hear this!

Being a mama is sometimes a thankless task, but I knew it would all be worth while when they wrap their chubby arms around you, nestle in your neck & say those words. Right? Well I got the hugs, just not the words.

I’d say to SH ‘I love you’ soooo much, & wait for a little while afterwards for a response, & nothing!! For 3 and a half years, nothing. Nada. Zip.

It was worth waiting for. He looked at me, hugged my neck & said ‘I love my Mummy’.

Of course as it goes with this things he’s said it loads since! But that first time was so special.

Hope your week is great friends, & full of hints of Spring.

Until the next time friends
Have a great day!

Lizzie XOXO


A rose by any other name

My son is starting pre-school in September. Yes, slightly emotional Mama on this end!

On the form (there are lots of forms), the Pre-School have asked us questions all about SH, so they can get a feel for what kind of child he is, and what makes him tick.

For example they’ve asked, how does Harry ask for things? I guess some children may just stick their hand out and make a noise. We are fortunate that Harry asks for something and then says please. (Ok most of the time).

One of the questions asked if Harry has any special words, words only he understands. Oh my Lord yes. Loads!!!!!!!!!!!

Sometimes I wonder how I understand my eldest child but I must admit for the most part I know exactly what he’s talking about. He is one of the cutest most adorable boys you will ever meet, & man, does he have the most amazing imagination!

For people, he likes to name them using a word associated with that person. For example, his Grampy (my Dad) is called Mow, because he mows the lawn (of course!). His other Grandad (Jon’s Dad, clearly!) he calls Choo, because he has a toy train in the garden & takes him for rides.

It made me think about how we all have special words, names or things to describe the things that excite or feel familiar & cosy to us.

Do you call that blanket a snuggle, because it just FEELS more snuggly to say it that way? Or the remote control a doofa, or didger or something else?

Or do you call a special person a special name, like my sweet Harry does? I really want to capture some of Harry’s enthusiasm for his own words. I believe it sets his imagination free.

Of course a rocket is called a ‘bay’! Why would it be called anything else?

Ok I understand that one day he will have to start using the appropriate language so he can make himself understood. But can I just hold on to THIS language for a little bit longer? Because for me, the rose WOULD smell sweeter if it were called a roe, if Harry were the one saying it.

Until next time friends

Have a blessed day! Hold your little one’s close & give them a squeeze.

L xxx

ps when I work out if I can link something from another blog (with permission of course!) I’m totally going to see if I can pop a ‘My First Day at ….school, preschool’ etc printable I saw on another blog called ‘the good life blog’. I will see if I can do that before the Back to School mayhem starts next week folks. Sweet dreams all xxx


No Heels, No Glory

Before I had my kids, I used to wear heels.

I tried, honestly I did, after I’d had Harry to wear heels again. Let’s face it, they make an outfit!

On a night out with some girlfriends I fell over a step, twisted my ankle & couldn’t look after my child for 3 days. Ok so I’d had two glasses of wine (another story for another day) no kidding after a baby you can’t drink either, not and still look pretty!

I haven’t managed to wear heels with any success since. So what do you do? Resign yourself to a tiny selection of flip flops in the summer and Ugg boots in the winter? Sigh…oh how I miss wearing heels!!!

I look at the celebrity yummy mummies in my magazine, still tottering on their beautiful sky high shoes, pushing their designer buggies, chatting on their iPhones & looking like there isn’t a care in the world. Has their life even changed?

In my world I can only wear flats, my buggy is covered in mud (& isn’t designer), & I’m pretty sure I forgot to brush my teeth this morning.

So how do I as a mama get back to feeling like ‘me’ again.

Whatever you do, don’t look at anyone else & think they’ve got it all sorted. They probably don’t, silently congratulate them that it appears that way.

I need to put time aside, to see friends & go to the gym. To go out & have dinner & dress up. It is not a luxury & it’s just as important as my husband’s needs. In regards to exercise, think endorphins!

In regards to heels, sigh, I guess I’ll keep trying. I know it can be done!

I’m really hopeful I will be taller again someday. Maybe I’ll practise by wearing my Mama’s heels like I did when I was little. I know my sweet girl will practice in mine.

Until the next time friends.


Lizzie x

ps No Heels, No Glory comes with the nb that I would not swap my life with my kids for anything! Have a blessed day. L xxx


Lavender love

Today we went on a roadtrip. ‘We’ is me, my Mum with my two kids sweet bea & sweet Harry SB & SH from now on).

Not everything went to plan, sweet Harry decided to not be sweet & refused point blank to eat the cheese omelette he’d ‘ordered’. I knew I should have just decided for him. So bless Harry his meals today have consisted of cereal, rich tea biscuits and Doritos tangy cheese. Suffice to say, Harry has had an AWESOME day.

After this & a mini diversion we made it to our destination. A small Cotswold town called Corsham where my Mum grew up. Totally quaint, steeped in history, really cute buildings the town even had bunting up all down the main street. So you get the picture…we were hoping to reminisce about spending time there with grandparents etc, could we find a coffee anywhere that was still open? Not a chance, it’s a small town as I said so apparently everything shuts at 4.30pm. Since we didn’t even make it there until 4.15pm (then you have to deal with buggies, tired kids & getting the parking ticket) so everywhere was shutting so I must admit my positive vibe was starting to wane. Even positive people need coffee!

So we had a walk around instead and found the cutest florist ran by a French lady, I bought some lavender to go in the garden, &…here comes the joy bit…she wrapped it for me in coloured paper and twine. Some people just go the extra mile, & it totally calmed my caffeine lacking body in a warm & fuzzy purple glow. I wish I’d gotten the name of the shop but it was the lovely florists in corsham. Thank you French lady!!

Then we finally found somewhere to have a coffee around 5pm, just in time to refuel with caffeine & change nappies before facing the diversion & getting home.

I loved my day with my Mum & kids. It was hot, it didn’t go to plan but my kids were soooo good & we loved being out together. I love looking back in the car & seeing their sweet faces sound asleep because they are THAT tired.

Hope you all had an amazing day! & if u didn’t, I’m hoping for some lavender love to cheer up your day too, either that or go & get yourself a coffee. Coffee is good.

Lizzie x